How It Works

The main reasons our clients choose GreenRatedTM is to expedite and communicate their sustainability efforts across a portfolio of their locations, and to reduce costs by thousands of dollars by implementing sustainable solutions.

With GreenRated, companies can benchmark their level of sustainable operations across all locations in the areas of Air & Health, Energy, Water, Materials, Waste Reduction, and more.

Non-experts can complete a very easy-to-use Yes-or-No Sustainability Checklist of over 130 essential practices, written in simple terms (15 words max per question) that everyone can understand. The Checklist can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

GreenRated also helps you plan future sustainability improvements by allowing you to “wish list” practices you plan to complete, and having reminders emailed to you.

Once you and or your location managers have each completed the Checklist for a given location, a public profile page is automatically created. This page lists all the actions you are taking to make your organization more sustainable. (Only the actions you are taking, not the actions you are not taking, or not yet taking, are shown.)

Moreover, GreenRated will mail to you a sticker (see image) for you to post at your location, with a QR code that links back to your profile page. GreenRated will also provide you with a small badge you can put on your website and link to your profile page. These enable those customers and employees who really care about sustainability to see that your sustainability efforts are genuine.

The GreenRated sustainability Loss Recovery Calculator intelligently uses your zip code, location size, industry type, and your Checklist responses to immediately provide rough estimates as to where you can save money in 13 different areas. You can subsequently enter additional details to hone the estimates. Some of these sustainability improvements may require substantial investment and some may not. To this end, GreenRated also provides an ROI calculator to help you determine the length of time for your investment to actually become profitable.

And these all can happen as soon as you purchase your license(s), not weeks or months later. This is one of the most dynamic sustainability programs online in North America today.

Easy to use. Easy to understand. Easy to communicate to all of your stakeholders. And one of the most cost efficient in North America today! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Try GreenRated today!