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Clayco, Inc.

Clayco, Inc.

2199 Innerbelt Business Center Drive
St. Louis, MO 63114
(314) 429-5100

Rating: 3170

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Air & Health

This location is managed sustainably because they:

  • Implement a space-wide non-smoking policy
  • Conduct occupancy surveys addressing thermal comfort, indoor air, acoustics, lighting &/or safety
  • Provide shading devices or tinted windows to control sunlight
  • Implement a space-wide policy on green cleaning
  • Use certified environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Use only low-VOC interior paints
  • Use only low-VOC interior sealants & coatings
  • Maintain and clean our HVAC at least twice per calendar year
  • Change or clean our HVAC filters at least quarterly
  • Optimize our indoor air system with the use of economizers, air handling units, etc
  • Seal our supply & return air duct openings during construction activity
  • Use mats, rugs & grates at building entrances to manage particulates


This location is managed sustainably because they:

  • Practice powering-down during unoccupied times (computers, lights)
  • Completed the Energy Star® Portfolio Manager
  • Make it a priority to purchase all Energy Star® Certified appliances & equipment
  • Have a policy to phase all incandescent lighting to CFL, LED or better
  • Have a policy to phase all ballasted lighting fixtures to T8 or better
  • Ensure all ballasted lighting fixtures are T8 or better
  • Ensure all individuals have task lighting controls to reduce overall lighting usage
  • Use programmable thermostats and/or "range" controls (e.g., two degrees up & down)
  • Use automatic controls, timers or a building automation system for our primary HVAC
  • Implement zoned temperature controls or another building management system
  • Have wrapped and/or insulated ductwork
  • Initiated a third-party energy audit
  • Initiated a commissioning plan prepared by a qualified third-party
  • Implemented up to 25% of the recommendations from our commissioning plan


There are currently no practices selected for this category.


This location is managed sustainably because they:

  • Use low-flow faucet and/or showerhead fixtures in 50+% of common areas
  • Use motion-sensored faucets & fixtures in 50+% of common areas (kitchens are exempt)
  • Use high-efficiency toilet flushing mechanisms
  • Use dual-flush toilet units

Waste Reduction

This location is managed sustainably because they:

  • Implement a space-wide recycling policy, which includes a
  • Have a single can commingled recycling system, intended to be separated offsite
  • Have localized pick-up for recycling: Paper & cardboard
  • Have localized pick-up for recycling: Glass
  • Have localized pick-up for recycling: Metal
  • Have localized pick-up for recycling: Batteries
  • Set all common area printers to default to double-sided or scrap paper printing
  • Use reusable dishware, kitchenware & utensils

Bonus Points

This location is managed sustainably because they:

  • Conduct "Green" education programs for our staff &/or stakeholders
  • Provide wellness plans or wellness training for our staff &/or stakeholders
  • Have an individual appointed to specifically oversee sustainable operations and/or reporting
  • Have outdoor green spaces and/or picnic areas
  • Incorporate an effecient space plan and/or promote a flexible, mobile work environment
  • Promote stakeholder community initiatives and/or volunteerism
  • Have on-site shower facilities
  • Have on-site bike storage
  • Have an on-site garden and/or indoor plants
  • Have localized pick-up for recycling: Plastic
  • Have localized pick-up for recycling: Electrical equipment (computers, etc.)
  • Have an organizational pledge to nurture a sustainable workplace (i.e., Sustainability Mission Statement)

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