Sustainability Checklist Communications Platform Pricing

The following shows GreenRatedTM pricing, with discounts for multiple locations, and multiple years. Use this pricing for commercial, retail, institutional, or industrial locations per facility. This can be either owned or tenant locations. All licenses are for each location and include:

  • Window sticker (2 sizes)

  • Profile page online
  • Website badge that links to your profile page

  • Lobby poster template (8.5 x 11”) featuring customizable output of your YES answers
  • Customer announcement template
  • Employee announcement template
  • Media release template
  • Wish List reminders
  • Customizable Checklist
  • Additional stickers available to licensees at a nominal cost

Prices range from $300-$1200 per location depending on the number of locations you license and the license term.
We offer special pricing for non-profits and companies that have been significantly affected by Covid. Please call 833-468-7674 to discuss.

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30-Day Money-Back

For any reason whatsoever, should our platform not deliver to your satisfaction, please contact us within 30 days of your original purchase to request a full refund. Within approximately seven business days, we will process the refund per your request.