Loss Recovery Calculator

Ever wonder if certain sustainability practices are cost-effective? Well, our team at GreenRatedTM has evaluated all the practices in the Sustainability Checklist to find the practices that, if not done, cost companies the most money. We found 13 practices in the checklist that have the lowest hanging fruit.

Simply answer three questions with information that is readily available to you. Then, once you complete the Checklist, the Loss Recovery Calculator automatically computes the estimated value of implementing each of the 13 practices. The calculations provide an estimate of how much money you are losing annually for the practices you are not doing. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the benefit of savings before spending the time and effort of getting a number of bids and their estimate of savings? It’s like getting the answers to a test before you take the test! In 13 different areas.

Some of these practices may require significant investment. Some require little-to-no investment at all. (No brainers!) To this end, GreenRated also provides an ROI and Break-even Analysis tool. This tool allows you to calculate time-to-breakeven for each of the aforementioned 13 practices, as well as what the annual savings will be over the time horizon that your organization typically sets.