Sustainability Checklist

The Sustainability Checklist is at the heart of the GreenRatedTM platform. It is both very comprehensive for most businesses and also very fast and easy-to-use. We’ve found that if a system is too complicated or cumbersome to use, it often gets back-burnered and never actually gets implemented.

The Checklist was created, and peer-reviewed, by sustainability experts, and enhanced over a ten-year period. (It was originally launched as in 2011.)

Non-experts can complete a very easy-to-use Yes-or-No Checklist of over 130 essential practices, written in simple terms (15 words max per question) that everyone can understand. The Checklist can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Our checklist features:

  • Over 130 essential practices in seven categories: Air & Health, Energy, Water, Materials, Waste Reduction, and more.

  • Each item can be answered with a simple Yes or No answer.
  • Each item is 15-words or less, for added ease-of-use.
  • The items are in plain English – you don’t need to be a sustainability expert to answer them.
  • Any item can be added to the Wish List to be tracked as a to-do over time.
  • 13 of the items are tied into the Loss-Recovery Calculator so you can see where you are spending money unnecessarily, and roughly how much you are wasting, in each of 13 different sustainability practices.