Sustainability Communication Tools

GreenRatedTM provides a host of tools to help with your sustainability communications. These include the following.

  • Each location gets a free profile Page that the public can view , which is a search-engine-optimized page on the GreenRated website that shows everything you are doing (and only the things you are doing), to manage sustainably.
  • The GreenRated window sticker (adheres inside, faces outside) for you to place on your front glass door or wherever you choose. The sticker includes a QR code that links to your company’s profile page. There are eight different sticker designs, each in two sizes (5” high and 9” high). One sticker is included for each location, and you can purchase additional stickers at a nominal cost.

  • There are communications templates for a customer letter, employee email, media releases, and easy instructions for Location Managers.
  • The GreenRated site badge (see image) allows you to put a notice on your website that you are managing sustainably; this would be linked to your profile page.

  • If you want to feature and identify some of your practices in your lunchroom or lobby, there is the ability to dynamically create a PDF of those practices. This PDF can be sized arbitrarily large, for example, if you’d like to blow it up to use as a poster.