Wish List

Our most important GreenRatedTM mission is that we want to support your company to be more green tomorrow than you were yesterday. To this end, we developed the Wish List and the Wish List Manager.

For any practice that you are not currently doing, but you wish to do in the relatively near future, you can select “Wish List” in the Checklist. This adds that item to the Wish List Manager. There you can set (and later edit) due dates and reminder dates, and GreenRated will notify you by email when these dates are due.

This is an invaluable tool in supporting you to keep on task with the sustainability efforts that are important to your organization.

These tools are unique to GreenRated and will easily provide more value in just the first year than the cost of a subscription to GreenRated. We guarantee it! In fact, our customers have found that, on average, GreenRated has shown them annual savings of $1-$2 per square foot! Do the math!